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To accumlate, preserve, and exhibit historical information and artifacts of Eastern Howard County, Indiana
The G.H.S. is interested in items of historical significance and interest about eastern Howard County, Indiana. Artifacts and documents that relate to eastern Howard County are most desirable and will be given first priority. Artifacts and documents from outside the area will be collected if they help create a fuller understanding of the history of the area.

Examples of items to be considered are artifacts pertaining to schools, businesses, transportation and public events, such as ledgers, desks, signs, graphics and artwork. The G.H.S. is also interested in personal items and homemade items of local people, such as furnishings, tools, clothing, manuscripts, letters, diaries and pictures. The materials or objects must, if possible, be documented as to provenance.

The collections committee receives donations of objects, photos, and documents into our permanent collection on Monday afternoons from 1:00 until 4:00 at the History Center, 103 East Main Street, Greentown, IN. If this is inconvenient for you, call 765-628-3800 to arrange an appointment or e-mail us at greentownhistory@comcast.net.
The items in our collection range in size from a small pin to a large mechanical, coin-operated horse from a local grocery store.
"Sandy", the coin-operated horse from Hudson's grocery is pictured to the right.
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During football season, we have an exhibit of Eastern High School football memorabilia in the History Center. This exhibit will be open until Nov. 18. Call 765-628-3800 or stop by the History Center Sunday 2-4pm or Saturday and Mondays 1-4 pm. Thanks to Carole Petro for coordinating the exhibit!

Eastern High School Football Exhibit
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